mint&rose is a lifestyle; a universe of footwear, bags, and accessories made using traditional handmade products. We partner with the best workshops in the country to offer creations that perfectly combine design, quality and a timeless feel. Our collections are designed for women who seek more responsible types of consumption.

We look after each part of the value chain, paying special attention to all the people involved, pursuing excellence in each of our processes, and launching collections accordingly.

Our "drive" is to continually improve ourselves.



. Classic models that you can wear all day long.
. Timeless creations.
. High quality materials.


. Slower fashion cycle, durability as a fundamental concept .
. Local manufacturing.


. Craftsmanship .
. Marked identity .
. We are a project consistent with its values.


We want to be part of women's daily lives by offering, in addition to a quality product, the feeling of belonging to a community that advocates a lifestyle based on conscious and responsible decisions.

A refuge from the immediacy and fast pace of our lives.


Because we believe that a more responsible fashion consumption is possible. That's why we create pieces that strike the perfect balance between design, quality, and timelessness, so they can accompany you from morning to night and throughout your life.

Because we support local production (designed and made in Spain), meticulously caring for every link in the value chain and paying special attention to all the hands involved in our processes.

Because we are committed to ensuring that every key element of this project (community, team, suppliers, etc.) grows organically, coherently, and sustainably over time. This is undoubtedly our methodology for growing steadily as we move forward.