At mint&rose we are committed to responsible purchasing.
We want you to buy less, but better and that is why we care a lot about the quality of our products.

Below you will find the steps and recommended products for caring your products.



Use the cloth bag we send with your pair when storing your shoes so they are 100% protected.

We recommend using shoe trees when storing your shoes to keep their shape. If the shoe has straps, filling the toe with tissue paper or handkerchiefs is better.

Try not to get your jute shoes wet; they must be kept dry. If the jute gets stained, use a slightly damp cloth with a drop of neutral soap and rub very gently.

The soles of our shoes are made of leather, so they usually have a transparent protective plastic that must be removed before use. You will identify it by the sticker and arrows drawn on it.


To store your bag, wrap it in the cloth bag we send you, fill it with onion paper and do not fold or stack it with other bags as it may lose its original shape.


1. To shine your leather shoes or bag, we recommend using our polishing sponge (esponja abrillantadora), which removes dust and gives the leather a shiny finish.

2. Moisturize and clean your product by applying a final coat of wax-based moisturizing-cleansing cream (Care balm) with a cotton cloth (Shoe duster).

To increase the durability of the leather, moisturize your product once or twice a year.

3. Waterproof and protect your product against liquids or light rain with a spray protectant (Spray protector).

If you have a soft scratch on your product, we recommend applying a small quantity of vegetable oil with a cloth. The scratch will disappear as it absorbs the oil.

When leather shoes get wet, we recommend stuffing them with onion paper and letting them dry. The paper will absorb the moisture and keep the shoes in their original shape. Then, use a cotton cloth and press on the wet areas (try not to rub!).

We advise you not to use any artificial dryer so the leather does not become crusty.


1. To protect and avoid stains on suede products, you can waterproof them with a specialized spray (Spray protector). It is essential to test it in a small and inconspicuous place to check that it will not damage the leather and brush it gently with the special brush (Cepillo de ante-serraje).

To remove dust, we recommend you brush carefully with a soft suede brush (Cepillo de ante-serraje).

You can use an eraser (Goma limpiadora) to dry clean dirt and surface stains if necessary.

2. If the stains have not disappeared, you can clean deeper stains with the Suede Cleaner (Limpiador ante-serraje). Shake the bottle and apply it gently to the stain. Then, use a cloth with water, rub gently until all the soap is removed, and let the product dry for at least 1 hour. It is essential to wash the soap well so that no stain remains.

3. Once the product is dry, you can use the suede brush (Cepillo de ante-serraje) on the white rubberized side to comb the suede.


These materials are delicate, so avoid stains as much as possible. To protect and prevent stains, you can waterproof your product with a specialized spray (Spray protector). It is essential to make a test in a small and inconspicuous place to check that it will not damage the textile and brush it afterward.

1. Brush your product with a soft bristle brush (Dauber brush) to remove most dirt and dust.

2. If you need to clean it, you can use a special soap preparation and apply it with a sponge (Textile cleaner) to the stain area.

3. Rinse the product with the help of the brush (Dauber brush). Removing the soap well from the product is essential so no stain remains.

4. Once you have finished, insert paper so they do not lose shape and let them dry.


This material is very easy to care for and is quite resistant to stains.

1. For cracked or patent leather products, use a damp cotton cloth (Shoe duster) and rub gently. This will bring out their shine and make them look like new.

2. You can moisturize patent leather by applying a thin layer of wax-based moisturizing-cleansing cream (Care balm) with a damp cotton cloth (Shoe duster).


Usually, your stone garments may get dirty or get the famous “little balls”; that's why we are bringing you some tips to extend the life of your cashmere garments. You can wash them by hand with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid twisting them and dry them in a horizontal position.

Don't worry if 'balls' or what we call pilling appears; it's normal and happens due to the rubbing of the fibers. You can gently remove them with a lint remover or a special cashmere brush.