Shipping Zones
What countries do you ship to through the online store?
You can order if your country is in the list of countries at checkout.
Do you ship to countries where it is not possible to buy through the online store?

Yes, if you are willing to buy from the rest of the world, don’t worry! Please send us an email at care@mintandrose.com with the following information: Name, last name, phone number, delivery address, and product you want. We will give you the corresponding shipping quotation and if you accept the same, you can make the payment through PayPal.

The product I am looking for is not available on the online store. Is it going to be replaced?
A product will be replaced if a "coming soon" appears in the description of it. Please check if the item you want appears. If not, we regret to inform you that there is no expected replacement. However, you can leave your email in the box that appears in the product file and if there is a return or change in size and it is available again, you will be notified immediately by email.
I am not sure what size I am, what should I do?

You can check our size guide in the tab of each product. It is a generic guide, but if the model in which you are interested / or has any particularity, we will indicate it in the description of the product.

What if something I ordered arrived damaged?

If you think your item is damaged, please send us an email to care@mintandrose.com with your information and images of the damaged product. We will give you a solution as soon as possible.

I would like to delete / modify some product or data of my order, what can I do?
  • If you have not processed the order yet, just go to the cart tab and there you can remove the product you do not want to purchase.
  • If you have processed the order, send an e-mail to returns@mintandrose.com or call our customer service telephone number (+34 983 37 53 93) and we will take care of it as long as the order hasn’t shipped yet.
I am trying to place an order but the site does not leave me, what do I do?

Try placing the order from another browser or device. If you still have problems, please send us an email to care@mintandrose.com or call our customer service phone number (+34 983 37 53 93) and we will be happy to help.

I have placed an order, but I have not received the confirmation email. Why? Is everything okay with my order?

Usually, confirmation emails are sent as late as one hour after payment. However, if it has not delivered, it can be for three reasons: 

  • The payment has not been made correctly

  • The email has not been entered correctly

  • There is a computer problem that has prevented that email is sent

Please check first that the payment has been made correctly, and if so, do not worry! Send us an email to care@mintandrose.com with all your information and we will confirm it as soon as the email has been sent.


What forms of payment do you accept?
  • PayPal
  • Credit or debit cards (MasterCard, VISA y American Express)
My payment is not processing, what is happening?

This could be due to any of the following reasons:

- Your credit card may be expired. Check the expiration date.
- You may have reached your Credit Card limit. Contact your bank for more information about your credit card.
- You may have typed some of the information incorrectly, be sure to double check everything.

If you need further assistance with the payment process, you can always call us on +34 983 37 53 93 or send us an email to care@mintandrose.com.

  How much does shipping cost? How fast is your shipping?

You can find the answer to these questions on our deliveries and exchanges link:

Why is taking so long to receive my order?

Orders are usually processed and delivered within an estimated 24-48 hours. However, in special periods such as (Sales, Outlets, Premium sales, Christmas), delivery times may be increased.

How long does it take to deliver a monogramming order?

For personalized orders with our monogramming service will be added from 2 to 7 labour days to the standard term.

My package is lost!

 If your package has been lost in transit, please contact our customer service care@mintandrose.com.

After an order has been delivered to the specified shipping address, mint&rose cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages.

Are taxes and duties included in my order total?

No, if there were customs duties derived, they will be assumed by the client.

How can I track my order?

Go to your Mint & Rose account, and there you will be able to check the status of your order. If you do not have an account with us, once you have placed your order you will receive an email with the order / shipping number and a link so you can track your purchase.

Footwear and bag care
How do I care for my mint&rose shoes? 

Our advice is to clean the footwear with a damp cloth and neutral PH soap, use it gently so you do not damage the footwear. In leather and canvas materials you can use specific products in order to avoid stains and to keep the shoes clean longer. In addition, do not forget to hydrate the leather shoes from time to time.

How do I care for my mint&rose bags? 

Any variation in its color or grain are natural characteristics of the leather which makes it a unique piece.

When not using it, please place it in the cloth bag for better maintenance. Just add care and love and it will last for years!

Exchanges and Returns
How do I return or exchange an order? Does it have any cost?

You can find the answer to these questions on our deliveries and exchanges link.

Can I exchange my products?

At this time we do not offer size exchanges. If you want another size, you will need to return the item and make a new purchase.


Can you return the products that belong to the category "Outlet" or "Premium Sale" or those that have been customized with our monogramming service?

The products that belong to the category "Premium Sale", "Outlet" or those that have been customized with our monogramming service will NOT be subject to return, but they may be eligible for a change of size or color. In the event that the desired size or color is not available, we will make a voucher without expiration.

When will I get my refund?

After approving the return, and check that the item is in perfect condition, will proceed to refund the amount within a maximum period of 14 days. We will deduct the return expenses if applicable.

Remember that credit card payment depends on your bank, and it usually takes about two days to go through.