Product care



Plain leather

For the regular cleaning of your mint&rose items, we recommend that you use a damp cotton cloth. Besides, if desired, you can moisture them with cream once or twice a year so that the leather does not get spoiled.

Always use appropriate products and avoid those which include silicones, petroleum or derivates. Remember to test it on a small and hardly visible area to verify that the product does not damage the leather.

If there is a slight scuff on your item, we recommend that you apply some vegetal oil with a cloth. The scuff will start disappearing as it absorbs the oil.

Suede or plit leather

There are some specific sprays to protect your suede or split leather items and to prevent them from getting stained. It is important to test the product on a small and hardly visible area in order to verify that it will not damage the leather. Then brush.

We recommend that you use a soft bristle brush and if necessary, rub the stains gently with a damp cloth and ph-neutral soap.

Other materials (craquelure, patent leather, metallic leather)

For craquelure or patent-leather items, use a damp cotton cloth and rub gently to polish them. They’ll look brand new!

For your metallic-leather mint&rose items, follow the same recommendations as for plain leather.


These are delicate materials, especially raffia, so avoid stains as much as you can.

Should you need to clean an item, brush it to remove most of the dirt and dust. Then use a damp sponge or soft brush with ph-neutral soap to clean it.


Stone products are high-quality garments made in Mongolia, a place of excellence in cashmere processing and manufacturing, guaranteeing great softness and elasticity.

We recommend washing cashmere products in cold water or dry cleaning. Under no circumstances should bleach be used. You can wash them by hand with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid twisting. Dry them in a horizontal position.

In addition, we recommend that before washing, use an anti-pilling machine or a special cashmere brush, which helps to preserve and maintain the garment in its best condition.


What is the best way to store my shoes/bag?

To preserve the shape of your shoes, we recommend using shoe trees when storing them. When it comes to striped shoes, the best is to stuff the toe with tissues or tissue paper. Use the shoe storage bag that we send together with your pair to keep them 100% protected!

To store your bag, wrap your bag in the fabric storage bag that we send you. Stuff it with tissue paper and don´t bend or stack it up with other handbags to keep its original shape.

What is the best way to dry my shoes/bag?

When leather shoes get wet, we recommend that you stuff them with tissue paper and leave them to dry. The paper will absorb dampness and will prevent deformation. Then use a cotton cloth and press on to the dampest areas (try not to rub!). We advise against using any kind of artificial dryer to avoid the leather from growing stiff.

For bags, use a white cotton cloth to dry the surface and leave it to dry at room temperature in a ventilated space. We do not recommend placing it close to any source of direct heat as the leather could get damaged.

How can I take care of my cashmere garments?
It's normal for your STONE garments to get dirty or develop those famous 'little fuzz balls' due to regular use. That's why we bring you some tips to extend the life of your cashmere pieces. You can hand wash them with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid wringing them out and dry them horizontally.
Don't worry if the 'little fuzz balls' appear or if pilling occurs; it's normal and happens due to fiber friction. You can gently remove them with a lint shaver or a special cashmere brush.