1. Are you my secret Santa?

The ultimate guide to assist you with your Christmas shopping.

A thoughtful gift for someone special.

For those who carefully choose their socks when putting together an outfit:

Some are more into cardholders...

...while others lean towards purses... and we have both options available!

2. Don't be a Grinch

For those who elevate their look by playing with accessories.

Ready for the colder months! Cashmere scarfs 79€

Organization enthusiasts? We've got accessories to keep your bag in tip-top shape.

What we like the most: the grey color of the patent leather.

What we like the most: its black patent leather, a basic with a twist.

What we like the most:how resistant the burgundy colour is, and how special its shine on this leather is.

Nap or party? The eternal question.

Our Mediterranean-inspired cotton sweater is a casual staple for year-round wear.

Evokes the wonderful feeling of letting yourself go. Every detail is unique, and its manufacture responds to the values that mint&rose represents: craftsmanship, top quality materials, local production and Mediterranean inspiration.

Sneakers lovers

Sneaker Peggy

Sneaker Patti